Health Guarantee Information

Health Guarantees and state laws vary quite a bit. In PA a 30 day health guarantee is mandatory, but in Ohio it is not, for example.  Click here for the details on the PA health guarantee.

Not sure what the breeder offers? Ask them, and get all promises in writing. That makes it clear for future reference. Make sure the guarantee includes:

  • Provisions for what happens if the pup gets sick
  • What to do if there is an issue with registration
  • What happes if you want to return the puppy, and if you can.
  • How long the guarantee is good for
  • What type of issues the guarantee covers (parasites, illness, etc)
  • And what you need to do for the guarantee to be valid. (have your vet check the puppy, etc)

In most cases, you won't need this information, however it is good to take care of these details before you need them, rather than later.




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